Migration Service

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Propel Group offers a full migration services package where we will manage your matter from start to end. We are committed to provide you a hassle free experience. 

Our Value Added Services

  • Initial consultation to help you to decide upon what is the best visa option for you and your company.
  • Explain to you in plain and simple terms what are the technical requirements for each visa option.
  • Able to foresee and advise you on any other hidden immigration issues of your situation with our all-round immigration knowledge.
  • Advise on your company business plan to make sure it fits Immigration purpose.
  • Keep you updated about the different stage of your application.
  • Send gentle and friendly reminders to Immigration and make sure the process is keep rolling.
  • Liaise directly with your case officer about your application.

Our current market focuses are Australia, Hong Kong and the United States