Welcome to Propel Group!

Your international experience starts with us.

Propel Group ignites your journey to overseas studies.  We offer consultations to students aspiring to study in the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, United States, Canada and Hong Kong.

A 'one-stop' solution

With head office in Hong Kong and regional offices in China, Australia and the United States, we support you throughout your application process - from helping you choose the best countries available to you, to making an application, applying for the visa, pre-departure services (accommodation, student loans etc.) and follow up once you arrive in the designated country.

We carefully examine the process on school placement looking at the individual talent and the needs of each candidate. Our professional advisors thoroughly follow each application to ensure our clients achieve the most desired outcome.

We take great pride in our staff and have a wonderful team of consultants and professionals working for you. Our consultants are trained and have to meet the benchmarks set by the company to ensure that they provide the best advice to you.

Our professional visa service team has a thorough understanding of the visa policies of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and other countries. Our speedy and high visa approval rate has earned the praise from students and their families.

In addition, Propel Group also offers a full migration services package where we will manage your matter from start to end. We are committed to provide you a hassle free experience. 

We provide the highest quality of service and utmost level of support to our clients. We take great care to develop a strong client relationship, coupled with efficient communication.